Thursday, September 13, 2007

Summer's Over

I put Sean on a bus to the airport this morning (which explains why I'm at work at ten before 9AM). It'll be pretty weird without him. For one, I'll have to -- gasp! -- cook and clean for myself. But we basically moved into my current apartment together, so it'll take some getting used to just living there alone.

One the plus side, I can stop watching out for my nosy landlord (and start looking for him). He showed up one day a week or two after Sean arrived and was not happy at all to see that I had a guest. We avoided him for the rest of the summer by very paranoidally sneaking Sean in and out of the apartment and assiduously avoiding saying my landlord's name three time while looking in the bathroom mirror.

This probably also means that I'll start blogging more. I'm thinking that I should do a wrap-up of what I learned this summer.

Finally, there's some possibility that the Chicago Cubs will make the playoffs. What should I do if they make the playoffs? Playoff games might start at 2 in the morning. And the only option I'm aware of is paying for in order to listen to them. Suggestions?


Douglas said...

The same thing I'm doing... watching the women's world cup in China at 6am.

Jackie said...

Without a TV and a satellite dish, I'm thinking that I'm limited to listening to the games at 2am.

DY said...

Hey, Jackie.
I think CBS Sportsline has those Gamecasts where you see the little men moving around an animation, but I don't know of a way to get audio for free. :-(