Monday, January 17, 2011

My Morning

I'm at work today -- at least for a few hours. Since it's MLK day, school is closed and I have to swipe my ID card to get in the building, to call for the elevator, and to hit the button for my floor. I'm usually only here during business hours, so this is rare behavior for me and it took more of my concentration than you might expect.

So I get into the elevator in the lobby (I notice that there's only a couple of people around), try to hit '3' for my floor, remember I need to swipe my ID again, swipe again, and then finally get '3' to light up. The door closes and the elevator starts moving. Then I turn around. And there's a little black toy poodle standing next to me in the elevator. There's no one else in the elevator. It looks at me inquisitively. Oh crap.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Made It to Work Today

It snowed a bunch yesterday and I never made it out of my apartment at all. But today, I thought I'd try to make the slog to work. Fortunately, I ordered a pair of waterproof boots the very morning after the last snow storm. They seem to work pretty good.