Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy Panicking

I'm heading out for a conference in exactly a week and am still trying to get the code for the project I'm going to talk about to run in a time span smaller than the age of the Universe. Anyway, to keep you last die-hards who've been checking in here amused while I'm out of town (and taking picture for the blog, I promise!), here is a link to "The Big Picture" blog at

"The Big Picture" really should be the most popular site on the internet. It's brilliant in its simplicity. Entries (updated several times a week) present a collection of photos culled from various sources on a theme -- sometimes based on events in the news, but not always. The photos are high resolution and well-sized for one single photo to fill your browser screen (no annoying slideshows). They also look amazing. Here is a neat entry on photos of the Earth from space. Here is another on Antarctica featuring some photos from former fellow U. of C. grad student, Keith Vanderlinde.