Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy Panicking

I'm heading out for a conference in exactly a week and am still trying to get the code for the project I'm going to talk about to run in a time span smaller than the age of the Universe. Anyway, to keep you last die-hards who've been checking in here amused while I'm out of town (and taking picture for the blog, I promise!), here is a link to "The Big Picture" blog at

"The Big Picture" really should be the most popular site on the internet. It's brilliant in its simplicity. Entries (updated several times a week) present a collection of photos culled from various sources on a theme -- sometimes based on events in the news, but not always. The photos are high resolution and well-sized for one single photo to fill your browser screen (no annoying slideshows). They also look amazing. Here is a neat entry on photos of the Earth from space. Here is another on Antarctica featuring some photos from former fellow U. of C. grad student, Keith Vanderlinde.


Tim said...

Cool site - thanks for the link - I'll have to check it out. Keith really did take some great photos while he was down there.

Eugene said...

The Antartica pictures are very cool.

The comments were quite hilarious though.

Jackie said...

I'm glad to be of public service. Also, I just got to Italy and have already taken copious amounts of photos. Woo hoo! Blog material!

DY said...

Hi, Jackie.
Thanks for sharing the link to that website. I hadn't seen it before.

Are you still at that same address, in case I try to mail you something? How much longer will be you in Europe again?

The Cubs come to play the Pirates tonight.