Monday, January 17, 2011

My Morning

I'm at work today -- at least for a few hours. Since it's MLK day, school is closed and I have to swipe my ID card to get in the building, to call for the elevator, and to hit the button for my floor. I'm usually only here during business hours, so this is rare behavior for me and it took more of my concentration than you might expect.

So I get into the elevator in the lobby (I notice that there's only a couple of people around), try to hit '3' for my floor, remember I need to swipe my ID again, swipe again, and then finally get '3' to light up. The door closes and the elevator starts moving. Then I turn around. And there's a little black toy poodle standing next to me in the elevator. There's no one else in the elevator. It looks at me inquisitively. Oh crap.


DL3 said...

cbeck said...

I know I'm just a random fella that came to your site, but I seriously want to know - what happened next?

Jackie said...

cbeck -- Don't worry, this is a full-service blog:

The elevator arrives at the third floor way faster than my brain is able to process what's going on. The dog trots off confidently down the hallway to the right. I very nearly start down the hallway to the left (to my office) before my brain finely pipes up: Hold on there, moron. You can't just assume that the dog knows where he's going.

So I go after it. Thankfully, the dog seems to have realized that he's is not where he thought he'd be and has stopped. He's friendly/happy, but it doesn't seem like he's going to let me grab him. So, I somehow herd him back to the elevator. I look ridiculous. When I hit the down button, the elevator opens with someone in it. Someone who doesn't seem to be surprised to see the dog. The dog gets in while I babble incoherently about how I didn't see him in elevator until it was too late. Neither of them say anything to me and the elevator leaves and I go to my office. Where it occurs to me that I never really checked that the person in the elevator was the owner. D'oh. Well, it probably all worked out in the end.