Monday, March 24, 2008

Kreuzberg Kirche

I've spent a lot of time wandering around my neighborhood, yet somehow I never went down one street a mere block from my apartment. I finally tried it a few weeks ago when I noticed (on Google Maps -- although I have a physical map, and I should have just looked at that) that there might be a running trail or something.

As it turns out, it's not long. It ends here, after a block, at Poppelsdorfer Friedhof (cemetery).

You can see that there's a path straight through the cemetery, which is surprisingly large with a lot of very tall trees.

It's very steeply uphill and although the cemetery is on either side of the path, the path isn't really inside the cemetery.

After 10 or maybe 15 minutes walking (it's far too steep to run), I emerged from a wooded area and was surprised to find myself right in front of this church:

I peeked inside.

There's a path around the church's grounds and this (what is it?):

Once I was done being surprised by the church, I realized that I was really high up (for Bonn) and definitely one of the highest points around (it slopes down pretty steeply on 3 sides and gradually on the fourth. By the way, on the way home, I took the wrong path down and ended up pretty far from home at the bottom and had to climb back up and down again). I hadn't been able to tell how high I was while I was stuck on the path. I think that in the future I'm going to spend some time sitting on that bench.

Behind and past the church, there are some running trails through a wooded area. In this direction, the view is very green.

In front of the church, there's a big empty field and a view towards the Rhein (but, of course, you can't see the water).

I think that building in the distance on the right must be the Post tower, the tallest building in the state (it's pretty close to the river, as I recall).

As it turns out, you can see Kreuzberg Kirche from work.


Eugene said...

That's a really nice post. I love these little secret pathways. And that bench has a lovely view.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Eugene. I was real excited to find it, although I felt pretty stupid for not discovering it sooner.

Eugene said...

You can enjoy it now though. If you watched Studio Ghibli's Whispers from the Heart, you will relate to the heroine's similar find!

I wish I can find a quiet little hideaway like this in NYC.

Jackie said...

Eugene - I haven't seen that one; one day I'll try to go through and watch the whole catalog. Anyway, it's not exactly deserted up there, but I think it's quieter than along the river. And maybe NYC will surprise you, if you look hard enough.

Eugene said...

I am going to try. Everybody needs a secret hideout ;).