Monday, May 26, 2008

Lazy Blogger

Yeah, there's basically no excuse for my rampant blog-ignoring and in the entire time between my last post and right now, I haven't thought of a single thing about which to blog.

That said, the guilt induced by my blog is nothing compared to the guilt induced by the constant GoodReads update emails I receive: I get it, you're all much better than me for spending your time reading instead of surfing the web for random stuff.

And speaking of random stuff on the internet, one of the things I noticed reading The Box of Paperbacks Book Club feature on the Onion's AV Club Blog is that old paperback covers are often more interesting than the books. I found this list of The Best (Worst) Fantasy & Science Fiction Book Covers. I'm still chuckling over the cover with the ninja.

By the way, I recently got my hands on the whole Heretic Pride album from the Mountain Goats. While some of it is full of typical Mountain Goats awesomeness (I still love "Sax Rohmer #1"), some of the songs are kind of weird. What did you guys think?


Douglas said...

Hmmm... yeah, I realized I hadn't really listened to HP in the last month or so. Put it back on and here are my impressions (I might be hard pressed to justify some of them...)

- Sax Rohmer, Lovecraft and Tianchi are the tracks I like the best
- Still can't figure out if the backup vocals on Marduke are silly or awesome
- The first half of the album really lags, with San Bernadino -> Craters on the Moon sounding pretty similar to earlier stuff. Of these San Bernadino and Autoclave are my favorites, and the rest I found boring
- the last half is more interesting, if not necessarily better. Sept 15 doesn't quite work for me, in the way that Lovecraft does for some reason...

As to blogging, soliciting our opinions hardly counts. Where are your pointed and insightful critiques?

Tim said...

Hey - welcome back to the blog. Looking forward to many posts on random things you found on the internets (cuz isn't that what blogs are for?)

If any of those goodreads updates are from me, they're mostly books I read years ago that I've been obsessively adding to my shelves. It's not like I've been doing that much actual reading lately.

And, guiltily, I confess I haven't acquired Heretic Pride yet. For shame!

captcha = piyretan

Jackie said...

Doug - Alright, that's a good point. I made a new post just for you. ;)

Tim - Any suggestions for what "piyretan" should mean?

Tim said...

piyretan: a new form of tupperware that you can use in the oven that makes all your food taste like paprika

Jackie said...

Tim - Nice. Well done. I don't think I could possibly beat that.