Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I'm back. And here is what 30 is like: jet-lagged. I spent the day flying from Chicago to Amsterdam (at least the woman at passport control wished me a happy birthday) to Bonn. And with my laptop still being repaired, I spent the evening watching old Veronica Mars episodes on my iPod. And, now, the day after, I'm totally rested but completely foggy. It's quite weird.


Eugene said...

happy bd!

It must be one of your shortest birthdays ever in terms of time spent actually on July 7 local time.

Jackie said...

Thanks! And that's a good point. Probably the first birthday I've had that was less than 24 hours. It was 8pm, July 6 when I left Chicago and 11am, July 7 when I touched down in Amsterdam eight hours later.

dy said...

Happy birthday!! \0/

Kerry Wood made the All-Star team. \0\
And just think, a couple years ago people were wondering if he would ever fulfill his potential. ;-)

Tim said...

Hey Happy Birthday!

Jackie said...

Thanks, DY and Tim!