Friday, August 28, 2009

Goodbye Germany

So if you've missed all the references in the last few posts, I'm leaving Germany. I'm going to Boston, where I'll be living for at least a few years. I began this blog to document my adventures 'abroad', so there will be a few posts in September wrapping up my time here (pros & cons of Germany, travel summary, ... other ideas?). And what will happen to the blog once I'm ensonced in the USA? I'm not sure yet. For now, I'm going to keep going and see what's there to blog about life in the States. But I may end up pulling the plug. Don't worry, though, I won't just leave you hanging; if it looks like there's not enough to sustain the blog, I'll do a 'goodbye blog' post.


DY said...

Have a safe trip!

Maybe when you get back, you can give us a guide to Boston. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the city, the places you visit, restaurants, New England in the autumn, etc.

Also, please resist joining the Red Sox nation if you can!

Tim said...

welcome back to the states!

Jackie said...

DY - I'll do my best to resist the Sox. I'm positive that I'm immune to the charms of the Patriots.

Tim - Thanks!