Sunday, March 07, 2010

That Was Random

Warning: this post has some bad language.

I got a text message very early this morning. It's from a phone number I don't recognize, and the reverse phone lookup just says that it's a cell in Hammond, IN (although, I guess the cell itself could be anywhere). Actually, this person texted me before -- twice on New Year's Day with 'happy new year.' Today's message:

"im drunk ! how r u - my nipples are hard as fuck!"

I assume they think I'm someone else.

A few other mysteries (aside from, who is this person?): Is this a booty-text? Did I just accidentally cock-block someone by having a similar phone number? What does that last bit of the text mean? Is that supposed to be a sexual come-on?


Phil said...

Haha that's the funniest thing i've read all day!

Have you tried txting them back saying you think they've got the wrong number?

Jackie said...

I aim to please. :)

And honestly, I hadn't even considered that. If I got something that indicated that this person was texting me sober, I might think about it. It was also suggested that I text back as the person that the text-er thought they were texting. But that just sounds like asking for trouble.

Eugene said...

Totally booty call.

I get weird calls from randoms Spanish speaking all the time...