Monday, August 27, 2012

Leibniz Cookies!

Leibniz cookies! Here! In the US!

I've had the LU brand Petit Ecolier butter biscuits you can get at the grocery store. They are not the same. Leibniz are much lighter, more cracker-y compared to the dense butter cakes from LU. And the Leibniz is oh-so addictive. I'd basically given up on finding it in the US, but we just stumbled upon them this weekend in a small market in Harvard Square.


DY said...

Yum! Snacks! Are there other snacks from Germany that you miss?

I wish that I could get more of those pretzels like they have in Philly that the Amish/Mennonites make.

Jackie said...

Well, I miss the Coke and Fanta you can get in Germany. [Long digression: I don't drink American (sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup) Coke anymore, but I do occasionally have imported from Mexico and made with sugar Coke. It's still not quite as good as I remember the Coke in Germany tasting. North American Fanta is nothing like Fanta in Germany, which is juice-y, refreshing, and delicious.] Other than that, I miss lots of German food (local in-season strawberries, bread(!), apfelschoerle) but nothing branded.

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