Saturday, February 09, 2013

It Snowed

Can you see our car? It's very nearly in the center of the photo.

So, it snowed. Started around 10am Friday, ended around 11am Saturday morning. Something like 24 inches on the ground, but really impossible to say with the huge drift enveloping the front half of our car. Here Sean is doing some good work.
The larger road down the street doesn't look so bad mid-afternoon Saturday. Driving ban still in effect but a few cars were venturing out.
Our street is currently significantly less passable. And our car is behind one of these giant snowpiles. By the way, shoveling snow onto a pile much higher than your own head is not easy.
Here it is.


جابر العبري said...


DY said...

How's March? We haven't hit 1000 pages yet... and hopefully we won't!

Did you hear that they're trying to get Kickstarter funding for a Veronica Mars movie?

I thought of you.
I'm half tempted to help fund the project, just because it'd be so awesome to fan-fund a movie of this magnitude.

Plus, it'd be good to know what Veronica and the other folks are doing ten years later. :-)


Jackie said...

DY - Good to hear from you! As with all things Veronica Mars (as much as I love it), I'll believe it when I see it.

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oh my!!

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