Thursday, October 26, 2006

My iPod, your iPod, we all ...

On the flight to Germany, my sister and I sat next to a guy heading back to Poland after a month in San Francisco. He said that he'd been busy working in the States and didn't get much of a chance to have the quintessential American experience, but he bought an iPod and now he "feels just like an American." I thought that was pretty cute -- are iPods the new Coke? -- but I didn't think too much about it.

Turns out, maybe iPods are an American thing. On a public bus, near a university, the rate of iPod/headphone use that I've observed is much, much lower than in the States. As a naive American, I'm honestly puzzled how it is possible that not everyone in the world has an iPod.


Takemi said...

Maybe euro-pop just isn't an iPod sort of thing ;)

Jackie said...

Takemi -

Euro-pop isn't cool enough for the iPod? Will my iPod spontaneously destruct if I put Euro-pop on it? It already has a bunch of stuff I think it embarrassing.

Also, the lack of headphones doesn't seem to be limited to kids on the street. I feel like not so many people here are listening to music while they work. But maybe I'm just imagining that.