Friday, October 27, 2006


I saw these guys on my way home yesterday and took some pictures on my way in this morning. One of my original goals for the blog was to take a lot of pictures of animals. I didn't know how easy that would be.


Tim said...

Yay sheeeep!

Laura Jean says: sheep are nice.

Jackie said...

Tim -

Yay! Laura Jean and you were the first things I thought of when I saw the sheep.

Anonymous said...

Where there are sheep there's sheep's-milk cheese. Mmmmm cheese.

Seriously Jackie, did you land in a James Herriot novel? There are actual German people where you are, right?


Anonymous said...

I like sheep.
Baaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Jackie said...

Doug -

I'm not too familiar with James Herriot, but I will say in my defense that I feel no ethical pangs for posting pictures of animals while I can't say the same for people. But I'll try to post pictures of the city soon-ish.

Also, the people I'm staying with drink a full glass of whole milk at every meal. Seriously, that's a lot of dairy.

E -

So say we all, Eugene. So say we all. ;)