Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nothing is Open on Sunday

I haven't posted this week because I found a new place to live (blogging material) but was paranoid that it would fall through -- among other paranoid thoughts (not blogging material). Since it's Sunday and nothing in Germany is open on Sundays (seriously, you can't go to the grocery store on Sunday, it's closed and people are impressed that some grocery store is open until 8pm on Saturday), I thought I'd bite the bullet and post some pictures of my new street:

Cute, huh? Here's the front of my building. Sadly it's kind of plain:

The apartment itself is hilariously small. Work is a 15-20 minute walk (about the same distance as the place across the field I had been staying). This the street I walk along:

It crosses a highway:

And here's the street that work is located at:


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice street - but too bad your commute will no longer include cute piggies. Congrats on being thoroughly non-homeless. :) -SH

Jackie said...

Thanks! It's true that the gas station, Home Depot equivalent, and highway overpass don't have quite the same charm as the sheep and the pigs. But I now have a place for you to stay when you visit.