Saturday, November 11, 2006

So ... you must be getting a lot of work done ...

So this has nothing to do with living/working in Germany or anything relevant, but if somehow you didn't know this already, YouTube is like crack. Except more awesome and with less Nancy Reagan.

If you didn't quite catch the '80s reference, maybe this will jog your memory:

Of course, the best anti-drug PSA is this classic:

I can personally attest that "I learned it by watching you!" has endless uses.

The point is that YouTube is for video what Google is for websites, what Wikipedia is for ... just about anything, and what the iTunes Music Stores could be for music. You need to find it or something like it, you search for it, you find it, you watch it.

Didn't quite catch that reference on the season premiere of "Veronica Mars"?

No problem.

While illicit "Daily Show" clips is probably my most frequent use of YouTube, the most awesome use is finding the old and obscure. From this "" article, I watched a clip from R.E.M.'s first national television appearance on David Letterman's show. Dave talks to Peter Buck and Mike Mills while Michael Stipe hides behind Peter like he's one of their roadies, then they exhibit the kind of stage mannerisms that seem so '80s.

Tonight, I'm thinking about looking for clips of Nirvana performances.

Next on the blog: how much I love iChat file transfer and solid shampoo and conditioner from Lush.

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