Friday, November 17, 2006

A Quick Vocabulary Quiz

Quick, someone asks you a question -- in English. But what is he/she really saying? (For your convenience I've put the vocabulary word in quotes. Unfortunately, I don't know how to spell anything and maybe they have some special German spelling. But I don't think so.)

Q: What's your 'handy' number?

A: In Germany, no one uses the term 'cell phone,' its always a 'mobile' or a 'handy' (hmm, that one seems a little dirty to me).

Q: Where is the 'tacker'?

A: A stapler is a 'tacker.'

Q: 'Do you need a 'beamer' for your talk?'
'Hmmm ... (looks around nervously) ... yes?'

A: 'Beamer' = projector

Q: And my favorite: I have to go to 'exercise class' this afternoon.

A: 'Exercise class' = section


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha - exercise class!

So Lush is interesting, isn't it - they existed in Australia long ago when I was there and Eric & I thought that someday they'd make a killing in the US. Turns out they have a branch in Chicago now, according to their website.

D*&! you for feeding my YouTube addiction!

And yes, sushi=yum. I leave for Chile on the 12/11, so sometime before then.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... sushi does = yum, but I arrive back in Chicago on Dec 16th, so sometime after that :)

Maybe you'll have to get sushi twice.


Jackie said...

SH - It's odd about Lush because I'd never heard of it until a few weeks before I moved to Germany and one of my friends (in CA) told me all about it -- we took a little trip to the store in Pasadena. And now, it seems like it's everywhere.

SH & Doug - Before 12/11, after 12/16, it's all good. I'd be happy to go to sushi twice.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where is my handy?!

Rumor has it that Peter Schneider has an offer from Imperial College (from Martin White's job rumor site). Is it true that he is looking for job?


Jackie said...

Zhaoming - It's true that Peter had an offer from Imperial, but he decided to stay at Bonn. We've already had a dinner to celebrate the news.