Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chocolate Museum

In celebration of Thanksgiving, Sean and I took the train to Cologne -- only getting slightly lost in the process -- and went to the Chocolate Museum. I don't think it entirely replaced turkey, mashed potatoes, and football (ah, football, I may need to binge when I get back to Chicago), but they give you a piece on chocolate when you enter and there's a working factory in the back and someone hands you wafers dipped in their chocolate fountain there too. I'm sure that Sean will blog all about Cologne and the dehydration that seems to accompany Germany (he took a bunch of really nice pictures and we were both very thirsty).

Anyway, as long as we're talking things that they don't have in Germany which I crave, here's my short but sure to grow list: Hershey bars (why are they so addictive? why don't they have them here?) and popcorn (I've seen no sign of microwaveable popcorn and only occasionally bagged, already popped popcorn).

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