Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Terrible Guilt

A week and a half since my last post and the guilt is starting to become crippling (although I tried to convince myself that I could wait until the Super Bowl). Anyway, for lack of anything else blogworthy, I have just three words: Bose QuietComfort3 headphones.

The light on the side of my face isn't sunlight, its the warm glow of satisfaction.


Douglas said...

Sure, flaunt your rich postdoc lifestyle, with its natural sunlight and peace and quiet.

Meanwhile it warmed up to 25 (~4 below C) today in Chicago, overcast and snowing.

Anonymous said...

what, does only one headphone work? otherwise the other side of your head should be just as satisfied....

it's sunny & 60 in stanford :) ... someone should work on improving that chicago weather before i get back on saturday!


Jackie said...

Doug - The headphones are the bringers of peace and quiet, not merely symbols of the postdoc lifestyle.

SH - You'd think, but you can't fault the headphones for the non-uniform response function of my face.

Weather update: 45 and hazy, drizzly