Sunday, February 18, 2007

Karneval (Saturday)

On Saturday, I went across the field to Messdorf, visiting some friends and getting pictures of the neighborhood Karneval parade. At the end of their street is a car dealership which keeps its bathrooms open for the parade, and, hence, the spot for all the local kids to stand around and drink. Here's the crowd:

Right in front of our spot on the sidewalk were a bunch of obnoxious teenagers, but what is that guy on the left dressed up as?

As the floats are driven very slowly by, the guys on top throw out candy to the spectators, who shout "kamelle!"

This kid seems to think he's totally cool for having found a spot to sit above the crowd. He's also wearing a tiger suit.

In addition to floats, there are a bunch of marching bands and an adorable little kid dressed as a jester.

Pig costumes.

What do you think those guys on the right are discussing?

After the parade passes and the crowd dissipates, there's an incredible amount of broken glass on the ground.

Saturday was also the eve of the Chinese New Year, so I caught the most crowded bus I've been on in Germany (there was drunken Karneval singing and the bus passed many a stop, surprising and annoying the people waiting for it) and headed across town to Tannenbusch for an incredible meal made by a bunch of Chinese and Taiwanese students (and assorted people).

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