Sunday, February 25, 2007

Counting has a theme song ...

... and this is it (it's a lot longer than I remembered).

It's almost unbelievable to me that 1.) after a few decades, this still pops into my head randomly and while, well, counting and 2.) this must be true for a large fraction of Americans in my age bracket.

And just for kicks, here is the Family Guy version.


Douglas said...

Yeah, youtube is fantastic for travelling down memory lane. I also love how many people I've met in graduate school who still remember these little segments.

Sarah and I were just discussing this a few weeks ago, and here's the link to the famous crayon factory segment:

I love the little girl holding the crayon up to her eye, then the music starts up. Great transition :)

Jackie said...

Crayons! Awesome. Two others that I remember (but haven't found youtube clips for, unfortunately) are the saxophone making segment (saxophone, right? not trumpet?) and taking the car through the car wash.

Anonymous said...

there was *definitely* a saxophone making episode... not sure if there was also a trumpet one.

Douglas said...

Okay, I kinda went nuts on youtube, and I'm sharing the results (still no saxamaphone though). Sorry for the link spam, but I do have fond memories of each one of these.

Rolling ball (with grinder ending)

Orange sings Carmen

Ladybug's picnic

Kermit the Forg

Making Cheese

Animated hungry cat

Old MacDonald had a Spaceship

King of Eight

Yep Yeps and the Telephone

Lifestyles of the Big & Little

Baby Honker

Villain in the Panama Hat

And yes, I do plan on graduating :)

Jackie said...

Awesome. It's going to take me a while to watch all those clips; goodbye rest of the workday.

Puckett said...

Nice, but you guys missed one:


Ok, so this was clearly on the Muppet Show, but I swear I saw it on Sesame Street. Oh, and there was more popping in from the sides and the top, the way I remember it. That, and I thought he was saying "phenomena."

Jackie said...

Actually, I think you're right on both counts (or maybe all three counts?). Here's two webpages that explain the all the incarnations of the song:


muppet wiki