Saturday, June 23, 2007

Germany. Awesome.

A few things in Germany that are better than (or can't be found) in the U.S.:

1.) bread (and there's a bakery on every corner)

2.) beer (mm, Kölsch)

3.) apfelschorle (half apple juice, half soda water -- brilliant. Although, this is also a country that serves beer-Coke, beer-Sprite, beer-Fanta, red wine-Coke (!) mixes, so it's not surprising that they'd hit at least one good combo.)

4.) Fanta (it doesn't taste like it tastes in the U.S. So much better ...)

[06.07.07: By the way, I tried Kölsch-Fanta the other day. It was pretty good.]


Eugene said...

beer-Fanta sounds scary.

You are right though, Fanta (and Coke even) tastes different back home in Malaysia. I suspect it is because the US soda uses corn syrup sugar substitute while elsewhere people use real sugar cane derived sugar.

(By the way, ever tried coffee-coke?)

Jackie said...

Eugene - I've never tried beer-Fanta or coffee-Coke. And while I think you're right -- you're more likely to get corn syrup instead of sugar in pop in the US -- I don't think that accounts for the difference in the taste of Fanta. Fanta here tastes juicier, while Fanta in the US tastes like any other soda.

Sarah said...

The pictures on the last post are awesome, just a note.

And... Fanta is WAY better in europe, and I'm not sure I buy the sugar argument either. As far as I can tell, most things seem to taste better outside the US. This makes me suspect a conspiracy.


and... Fanta-beer. Grody.

Jackie said...

Sarah - Thanks!

Nina said...

Yum -- there was this bakery in Stuttgart that I thought had the best apple strudel... but then we got to Munich and it was even better there.

I also loved Tchibo and Orangina Rouge. Man, I gotta go visit you sometime. :)

Jackie said...

Nina - I've never even gone into any of those Tchibo stores. It's coffee, right?