Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Late Nights

I went to a party last Saturday and spent most of the evening on the balcony (conveniently, they had a fridge out there), realizing that I'm not even in Northern Germany and, yet, so much further north than Chicago.

To illustrate, in Chicago today, sunrise was at 5:15 am, while sunset was at 8:27 pm. Here's a picture of Bonn at 8:27 pm today.

Notice something? Yeah, that's the Sun. And here's another from 9pm of the light reflecting off my office window and into my eyes.

Sunrise in Bonn was at 5:18 am, while sunset was at 9:45 pm. That's an extra 75 minutes of light. Sitting outside, it wasn't totally dark until midnight and started to get light again around 3am. I know this because I stayed until 4am and, yet, was not even close to the last person to leave (someone reported staying until 7am!).

Totally unrelatedly, I'm having a terrible run of breaking dishes. I've broken two in the last few months (I don't think I broke a single dish in the 6 years I lived in Chicago). The worst part is that the dishes have been such innocent parties in the incidents. I haven't dropped them while moving them. No, they're always just sitting, minding their own business, on the counter or in the sink when I drop something on them.


Eugene said...

I always get nostalgic around sunrise each time I pull through the night without sleeping (like now). Kinda makes me feel young again for some reason.

It's 4.30am now, and I am heading to bed.

Erin Sheldon said...

It seems like shorter days here in aspen because the sun goes behind the mountains.