Friday, August 31, 2007

If Somehow You Haven't Seen This Yet

From the Onion, the best article of the year. They must have been saving this one for a long time.


Tim said...

haha! "you're the the man of the White House now"... awesome.

Eugene said...

hehe! I read that on a real hardcopy of the Onion! Nice thing about being in NYC is that we get free copies like in Chicago :).

Jackie said...

My favorite line:

"Go on…you hear me? Get out of here, I say!" Rove said. "I don't love you anymore, understand? Now get! Get!"

And thank goodness for the internet. Otherwise, it'd be like I lived in a foreign country or something. ;)

Tim said...

yeah, we just started getting the hardcopy here in DC... sure beats reading the post on that morning commute