Sunday, December 23, 2007

Goodbye Old Friend

My Christmas present this year will be a new iPod (a silver 80GB classic).  So it's time to say goodbye to my old iPod -- a white 10GB 3G with the buttons in a row on top of the wheel (I like the non-movable buttons!).  I got it for $80 (with the laptop rebate) and it wasn't until a few months ago that my iTunes library outgrew the hard drive.  After 4 1/2 years (3 years of which I used it every day), the hard drive never quit on me and it still has the battery capacity to make it through a 6 hour cross-country flight.  I was very sad to see it go (for the 10% recycling discount).  At the store, I gave it a good petting and told it that it was going to a better place.  


Eugene said...

Awwww, that's so sad.

I gave my sister a new Ipod nano a few weeks ago to replace the Ipod (original no less) that I gave her years back. Although she was all over her new nano, she said it never felt the same again : it's so much more cooler to own one of the originals.

Jackie said...

Eugene - I was real tempted by the new nanos but 8GB just isn't enough these days. And I do remember fondly those days when I was one of the few people with an iPod. Did your sister hold on to her old one? I might have held on to an original, but I figure the 3Gs will never be collector items or anything.

Eugene said...

It's the one with the buttons around the wheel and monochrome screen, maybe a 2G? I won it in a sweepstakes (5 years back?) and at that time I didn't quite understand the whole coolness of it so I gave it to my sister who is more plugged into the whole cool factor scene.

She didn't hold on to it unfortunately (the power unit had died) : she traded it off at the Apple Store back home for about $100 worth of iTunes and then regretted it.

Jackie said...

Eugene - Definitely an original or a 2G (the 3G switches to the row of non-moving buttons, 4G and later embed the buttons in the wheel). Your sister got $100 for a broken iPod? It's a shame she had to get rid of it, but that's pretty awesome.