Sunday, January 11, 2009

Very Lazy Blogger

My last post was over a month ago ... how mortifying. Since then, I spent 3.5 weeks in the U.S. (didn't blog about that) and returned to Germany where unbelievably there's snow on the ground and the temperatures were below freezing for a week (took no photos and did not blog about that either). I'll get my act together eventually (I have high hopes for February through April).

In the meantime, a question. Should I try to watch and keep up with Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse? Presumably, I have the time, and the technological/geographic difficulties can be worked out one way or another. I predicted correctly that Joss's last television show would have a quick and ignominious death and didn't watch it until several years later. The newest one doesn't scream 'cancellation' quite as hard, but still it's hard to be optimistic.

[Updated 7:12 PM] There is an old post entitled 'Lazy Blogger' (LB). I changed the title of this post from 'Extremely Lazy Blogger' (ELB) to 'Very Lazy Blogger' (VLB), so I could reserve ELB and maybe EVLB for the future. Dorky or brilliant? You decide.


Eugene said...

Heh, I was checking out the wiki page for Dollhouse. The premise seems kinda meh to be honest.

Jackie said...

I think that Whedon is probably more about execution than premise. Buffy was high concept but most people probably didn't get it until they watched it. And I thought then and still think that the concept for Firefly is idiotic (although I quite liked some of the episodes).

Douglas said...

Nothing screams high concept like turning a horrible early 90's vampire movie into a teenage television drama.

Since I don't have tv anymore it'd be tough to watch dollhouse unless its on the web somewhere. Maybe I'll just wait for the inevitable cancellation and netflix it.

Oh, and I vote dorky.

Jackie said...

My calculation is that if Dollhouse is going to sink like a stone, I should wait and netflix (there is no hurry). If it somehow is a success -- or at least makes it to a second season -- I should try to keep up.