Thursday, March 17, 2011

NYTimes Paywall

The NYTimes paywall goes up in the US on March 28. What are your plans?


Unknown said...

Hmm. I suspect I will probably pay, although maybe I read enough NYT articles linked through other sites that I won't need to. You?

Jackie said...

Hi Tim. And I hear congratulations are in order! I'll probably try to stay under the free limit. I read a lot of NYTimes, but a lot of it is from convenience and habit and is stuff I could find elsewhere. If I had another default news site (I could use some suggestions) that was all free, then I'd just look at NYTimes when I thought they had something unique (like some of those Sunday magazine articles).

Unknown said...

Hey Jackie, thanks! There are a couple of blogs at NYT that I find myself reading regularly, plus other stuff. Kinda makes it seem like I should bite the bullet. But we'll see.

DY said...

Hi, Jackie.

I'll probably use Google News to search out the article I want to read and then click through from there to be able to read for free.

I haven't yet tried this theory since the new paywall, though. I've just been reading the local paper's website.

How're the Red Sox?

Jackie said...

DY - Overheard a Sox fan on the phone last weekend when they were 0-3: "Hey, have you lost all hope for the Sox yet? Or you waiting another week?" Ha!

Not that I ever had any hope for my Cubbies at all.