Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Germany Thought #3-- Strawberries and Doing the Dishes

I've been eating grocery store strawberries lately. On the whole, they're crap: giant monstrosities that taste like crunchy water. In Bonn, you only buy strawberries for a few weeks, when they're in season. They're always very local -- small, but super sweet and full of strawberry flavor -- and you have to eat them right away. Many farmers set up road-side stands (there was a very good one across the street from work, in front of the bakery) where you can buy them in giant boxes. Mmmm.

Is this a German / European thing? When I do the dishes, I wash, then rinse, then dry (if for some reason I didn't have a place to air-dry them). When I would do a dinner thing with the students in Germany, they would wash, then towel dry. No rinsing. I got used to it although I think it kind of freaked out the Canadian postdoc.


DY said...

Thanks for this story. I am still waiting for the fresh produce to return to the local stores. Is the soap formulated differently so that it's no big deal that you're not rinsing?

Sometimes when I watch movies or TV shows, I see the characters brush their teeth and then not rinse out their mouths with water, which seems kind of scary to me. The toothpaste tubes always mention how you're not supposed to swallow the toothpaste, so I'm not sure what happens if you don't rinse.

Jackie said...

I have no idea if the soap is different. I assumed that the thought process is that drying is the same thing as wiping off soap which is the same thing as rinsing.

And I'm sure that swallowing a little toothpaste won't kill you.