Friday, October 20, 2006

On the Way to Work

So I had a little time this weekend to take pictures of my route to work. The start is this tiny trail -- which I never actually ride the bike down -- less than block from the house.

At the bottom of the path there's a farm. Hey, here's some geese:

And some fuzzy pigs:

Past the farm is the path that leads to work.


Anonymous said...

At least the path is free of trees...


Jackie said...

Doug -

It is thankfully tree-free, but there are other people, kids, dogs, bikes, and -- occasionally -- cars on the path.

Anonymous said...

When Eric was in Germany long ago with his family he ended up driving their rental car on a bike path that he wasn't supposed to be on (there were signs, but no one in the car spoke German and so they thought they were just on an especially narrow road). Eventually a rather cross German man yelled at them long enough that they figured out what was going on. So maybe there are more lost foreigners around driving on your path?


Jackie said...

Sarah -

Actually, a good chunk of the fields are cultivated -- I don't know what they grow -- and the cars are related to that, I think.

Unknown said...

Hmm. Geese, pigs, trees. So you're saying it's pretty much exactly like Hyde Park?

Cute pigs, though.

Jackie said...

Tim -

Yes, it's exactly like Hyde Park: there's a lot of open space, everyone is incredibly friendly, and no one ever begs me for money.

The pictures I've posted are probably a little misleading though, it's not as rural as it looks and much more suburban.